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Chino Valley is about 25 miles from our RV park in Dewey. Helen and Robby Long invited us and the Cannon's over to their place for a BBQ. Robby works as a "trouble man" for APS (Arizona Public Service) the electric company for most of Arizona. Chino Valley is a rural area North of Prescott. As a "trouble man" Robby is on call 24/7 to answer emergency calls for service. Helen told us that if the phone rang in the middle of the BBQ one of us would have to take over the cooking because Robby would have to take the call for service. Helen and robby prepared salad, garlic bread, potatoes, grilled shrimp and rib eye steak on the grill. Everyone got their food and sat down at the table on the patio. Just as robby cut into his first bite of steak his cell phone rang and he was dispatched to two calls. He headed for his take home service truck and was gone just as a fireman would respond to a call. He appologized for having to leave but I really understood what his responsibility was to the community and his fellow workers. I left many a hot meal on the table over the years as a fireman in Campbell, CA. When the call comes you have to go.

Helen's desert turtle was out in the back yard making its rounds. It's name is Ninji as in Ninja turtles movie? He followed everyone around hoping a piece of salad would hit the deck and he could have a snack. The three pack mules were banging their hoofs on the fence rail trying to get Helen's attention for a head pat or a little snack. The parrot was talking over all of us and could be heard even when we were outside eating. Robby took the parrot out of the cage and the bird just sat on his hand and never once attempted to fly away. Why would he? He has a huge cage, all the food and fruit treats he can eat and Helen to talk to all day and night. What more could a bird want?

Out on the patio we had a beautiful sunset on the Bradshaw Mountains. A purple sky was on the western horizon.

We sat out and visited for a couple of hours. This was a very nice evening. Thank you Helen and Robby for a great meal and company.

On the 17th we will head down to Sun City West for doctors appointments, laundry, mail, haircuts, etc. I won't be updating the journal again until we come back to Prescott on the 21st. Hold your breath until it happens. grins

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