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This was the back view of Mount Rushmore as we headed toward...

The buffalo were out in the field where we could see them...

Friday, July 17, 2008.

Hart Ranch, Rapid City, SD

Custer Park - Needle Highway/Wildlife Loop Road

It rained a lot during the night and early this morning. Jonathan and I left the RV around 10:00 headed for Custer Park. There were two parts of the park that we wanted to see yet. Needle Highway and Wildlife Loop Road which is where the buffalo are.

We drove and stopped at Sylvan Lake first which is along Needle Highway. This was good timing. We took our lunch with us and hiked around the lake. Jonathan found a great perch on the rocks to sit on while we had our picnic. We found out from a lady that where we were was where National Treasure 2 was filmed. We have the movie but haven't gotten around to sitting down and watching it yet so we'll have to do that. We hiked the rest of the way around the lake then headed out for Needles Highway.

There was a tunnel called the "Eye of the Needle" that we drove through. I would have liked to have stopped but there wasn't any parking left. We drove the rest of that road then headed toward the Wildlife Loop. Driving and navigating were challenging to say the least. I pulled off the road a few times so I could look at the map. Looking at it on those twisting winding roads wasn't a good idea while driving.

We saw buffalo, mules and antelope while driving around the Wildlife Loop. The buffalo were a ways from the road so we didn't get any real close ups of them. I told Jonathan we could 4-wheel it down the road that lead to right where the buffalo were grazing but he said "No way!"

We drove on home and are just relaxing for a little while.

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