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This is a fire truck for the International Airport at Dubai.

Here's a shot of Tom and Jonathan if front of the truck.

Jonathan is climbing into the belly of one of the military planes.

Walking through the plane.

Checking out the waist gunner of a B-17 Bomber.

Jonathan standing in the belly of the plane.

Deb and Jonathan standing at the tail of the B-17.

Jonathan standing under the wing of the P-51 Mustang named Cloud Dancer.

Yep, he's cool.

AeroShell Square is the focal point of the show. This is where...

This is a KC-10.


P-38 Lightning

The Red Bull Helicopter can do back flips!

U-2 Spy Plane

Tom and Jonathan checking out the KC-10

The rocket engine on the Burt Rutan's Long-Eze Airplane

Here's a shot of the whole plane.

Jonathan's annual stop at the John Deere Tent! :-)

He's getting bigger and the things he likes to sit on/in are...

John Travolta and the host for the evening discuss flight and how...

You can see the two of them down on stage a little...

Another screen shot.

Friday, August 1, 2008. Camp Scholler, EAA Air Show, Oshkosh, WI Oshkosh Air Show - Day 1 We headed out fairly early this morning although it was already pretty warm. We walked down to Aeroshell Square to see what they had on display there. We saw a fire truck that was going to be shipped over to Dubai in the Middle East. It had Arabic writing on it so that was kind of different. The pictures tell the story. We walked around and checked a few other things out then came back to the RV to cool off and have a bite to eat for lunch. I felt lightheaded like so many years in the past. There seems to be something about Oshkosh for me. I seem to get dehydrated easily here. We had been carrying water with us and had been drinking it but apparently not enough of it. I sat and drank water for a while then we ate lunch. I opted to stay back at the RV and take a nap instead of go back out in the heat to the airshow. Tom and Jonathan snuck out without my even knowing it. I managed to get a great nap in. I slept all but the last 15 minutes before they came home. We had dinner then headed over to the Fly-in Theater to see John Travolta and tonight's movie. John Travolta was tonight's guest speaker. He has been very active in the field of aviation over the years so they invited him to speak tonight before they showed one of his movies "Broken Arrow". It was a good movie and had been edited so it was family friendly so that was nice.

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