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Water show at the Bellagio

The Venitian casino with The Mirage in the background

You know you've arrived in Las Vegas when you get off the plane and there in the airport lounge are pokie machines! There were more pokie machines next to the conveyor belt where you pick up your luggage - absolute madness! I caught a shuttle from the airport to the hostel - named 'Sin City hostel' - it was in a good location as I just had to catch the bus from outside the hostel down to all the casino's. I met Eimear (an Irish girl from Co. Cork) at the hostel and we decided to head down to the casino's for the night. We ended up going to the 'Luxor' - an Egyptian themed casino. The Casino itself is the shape of a pyramid and there is a big Sphinx guarding the entrance. We headed to the buffet - aptly named 'Pharoh's Pheast' and had a huge meal - the food was really nice but I ate way too much (just to get my money's worth) and ended up with a tummy ache for the rest of the night! After dinner we had a bit of a flutter on the pokie's - I won $8 and Eimear won $5 so we were happy. We then wandered to a few other hostels. Las Vegas is definately different to anywhere I've ever been - so big and bright - so many drunken people walking from casino to casino clutching there drinks! We stopped outside the 'Bellagio' casino - (which Eimear is sure was in Ocean's eleven - I have no idea) and watched the fountain show. It was amazing - there were about 200 jets of brightly lit water all choreographed to music - we ended up staying for nearly an hour just watching the show!

Today I decided to head back into the Casino's on my own - I'm not really sure what else there is to do in Las Vegas, though most of the other people at my hostel seem content to sit outside all day getting drunk. The first casino I went to was 'Paris' - complete with the Eiffel tower and a Parisian street inside! I started playing on the 1c machines (big spender aren't I!) and then a drinks waitress came over and asked if I'd like a cocktail - it was only 11.30am but I decided that I was in Las Vegas so why not - ended up ordering a champagne. I think I managed to get about 5 free drinks during the course of the day - and went to about 4 other casino's - The Venetian which is a re-creation of Venice and even has canals and gondolas, The Bellagio, Bally's and Treasure Island. I think I spent about $15 total in the day - including lunch. I kept having little wins so that kept me entertained for the day!

Last bit of news - while I was waiting at the bus stop near the hostel an old guy starting talking to me and giving me the run down on the area. Apparently the hotel next to where I was staying was where the September 11 bombers stayed in the months before the bombing. Also, the wedding chapel across the road from the hostel (there were about 5 in walking distance!) was where Britney Spears got married - very informative old guy!

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