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The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon and Colorado River

The windy paths we hiked down and up

Me at Ooh-Aah point

Me and My Coopers :)

Hummingbird - I've zoomed in as much as possible but he's still...

Grand Canyon

Yesterday I went on a day tour to the Grand Canyon - it was magnificent! I don't think there is any way my photos could do it justice. When we arrived our guide Mike had us close our eyes right up until we got to the legde from where we could see the grand canyon - when we opened our eyes the view was breathtaking. I knew that it was going to be big but not that big - it nearly looked fake!

We stopped for a while taking photos and then went on a 2km walk to another observation point. Along the way there were lots of other good photo spots. There were a lot of squirrels around as well -they're a cheeky lot - will practically jump in your backpack looking for food. I saw a hummingbird as well - which really made my day. At first I thought it was the biggest flying bug I'd ever seen but then it stopped for a few seconds and I realised it was a bird :)

After lunch we drove to another spot in the Grand Canyon and went for a hike down into it. We hiked for about a mile down into the canyon to a viewing spot called 'Ohh-Ahh' (because of the view) and then hiked back out. It was very steep and very dusty/gravelly - but it was great. I took about 50 photos but none of them come close to actually capturing what it looks like. On the way out of the National park we saw a coyote trotting along the road - she looked like a fox sized wolf. I tried to take a photo but she ran off.

We got back to the hostel about 7.30ish and I decided to have a few beers as a reward for my hiking. I headed down to the shop intending to buy 'Fat Tire' the local beer but then guess what they had in the fridge? Coopers Pale Ale!!! So of course I had to buy that :) Might buy the Fat tire beer tonight.

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