Jamaica Bound - Project J-2 Edmonton & Mandeville travel blog

Approaching the airport . . .

Has a week gone by already?

Good ole Burger King: Got any Jamaican dollars left?

Would have been a great place to eat!

Heading to gate 9 for our 1:25 pm departure

We've much less to carry than on the way down .. ......

Sangster International MBJ - on the tarmac

Taxi-ing out . . . .

And we're off . . . .

It's with mixed emotions that we pack up and get on our way. That was a week that sure went by fast! As a group, we are 18 suitcases lighter, though, than upon our arrival. That certainly feels good. And knowing that those suitcases will be put to good use as storage drawers is also a good feeling. Hopefully we've lightened someone else's load.

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