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Terrible's RV Park and Casino

Maidrite at Osceola

Not a good night. The electric at the site was very erratic and kept blowing the breaker. Then Bob discovered the water heater wouldn’t work on LP, and the generator wouldn’t work. And when we got ready to leave we had a flat tire on the car. I was almost in tears and ready to go home! But we aired up the tire and headed out, and will get the LP and generator fixed when we get to warmer weather (just need to be sure we have electric each night to plug into, so we can keep our freezer full of food cold and run our furnaces and heating blanket!). Drove 90 miles to Terrible’s Casino (40 mi south of Des Moines). We’ll spend the night here and hopefully the wind will die down enough to keep going south on Monday morning. (Especially since I ran out of money already! - Luckily I know where the well is ...). The picture is of our RV - we got the front spot closest to the casino!

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