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I had a great last day in Flagstaff. I had signed up to go on a tour to a nearby town called Sedona but it was cancelled due to lack of people. As it turned out a guy from the hostel (Roberto) was planning on heading there anyway so we went with him. So the five of us piled into his little Honda Civic. There was Rick from Manchester who was severly hungover, Joellen - a fellow Australian, Jonny from Nothern Ireland and Roberto's from Texas - a nice mix of nationalities. The scenery as we drove was really beautiful - lots of hills covered in pine trees. After a while the landscape changed a bit and there were lots of big red rock formations - it's what Sedona is known for. We stopped at a bridge and hiked down to Oak Creek - the ground was basically red rock and sand and there were lots of cacti around. The creek itself was lovely and cool so we stayed there for a while as it was a hot day.

After our hike back up to the road (which surprisingly wasn't as hard as I thought - mayb I'm getting use to it!!) we headed into Sedona and stopped for lunch. It's a very touristy little town and as it was the Sunday of a long weekend it was very busy. We went to a place called Vista Cantina for lunch -we sat outside and had a wonderful view of a big red hill behind us. It was a lovely lunch - had a mexican flavour and we drank coronitas (little corona's). There was also a band playing all of the old music I love - like the music from Forest Gump and Beatles - so it was a wonderful setting. One thing the restaurants have here that would be great at home are misting jets - all along the outside balconies they have little jets that spray out really fine mists of water - it nearly feels like they've chilled the water as well - very refreshing. Probably wouldn't be allowed to use them in Aus due to water restrictions.

After lunch we headed out of Sedona towards a place called Cathedral Rock - it's pretty amazing to look at (I'll put the photos up soon). As we were all hot we decided to find somewhere to swim so we went to the creek near Cathedral rock - it took us a while to find it as we got lost! But when we got there it was worth it. It was a wide shallow creek but surrounded by lots of trees - I just dangled my feet in the water and kept wetting my hat and that cooled me down nicely. We sat there relaxing for an hour or so - they guys all fell asleep! and then hiked back up to the car and headed back to Flagstaff. I really had a great day and found it amazing that in the morning none of us had really known each other but we'd still had a brilliant time.

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