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Listening to ranger's talk

Coffee at the Ranger's get-together

Goodies at camp meeting

Well, it’s 2 days later. Yesterday was gorgeous – up to 80 and sunny. And today was pretty nice until about 6:00 when we started on our walk. The camp host came out and said there were 50-mph winds coming our way, in about an hour. We walked up the road for about 5 minutes and Bob said “Let’s head back” – we didn’t even get back to our campsite when we got hit by the high winds. Everything was blowing off our patio, and the neighbor helped us take our tarp down, we got the awning closed and brought in a bunch of stuff. Bob almost couldn’t get the door shut… The leg on our Internet satellite broke, as well as our campstove. Things are flying all over the campground. It’s supposed to be like this until midnight !!! There’s a motorcycle with a narrow tent/trailer next to us. Glad we’re not him – it’s got to be really scary sitting inside that thing…

Bob got a couple tomato plants while we were in town earlier – he apparently doesn’t remember what a hassle they were moving them and finding somewhere to put them when they grow tall while we’re on our trip  We’re so happy …. We found some poop bags for Weebles at the Dollar Tree, and some small notebook paper that I like and was almost out of from last year.

Today is Day 2 of the diet – where we eat fruit only all day except for 1 deli sandwich…but this day isn’t as bad as Day 8 when it’s only vegetables all day.

…………… …………

2/11/09 Network channels on DISH today, finally. We had sent them all our info on 1/8 and hadn’t heard anything, so finally called yesterday. The hold-up was that they don’ttake American Express, and didn’t even give us the courtesy of a phone call to let us know. Once we gave them a Visa CC # we were connected within 7 hours !! But at least I can get in on the start of the new Survivor series.

Thursday we went up to the group camping area for their weekly Ranger program; the gal talked about tourist attractions around here, including Lyndon B Johnson/Johnsonville tours which sound interesting. It’s about 125 miles from here so we’ll probably just take a day car trip. There’s also a WWII Museum around there somewhere.

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