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I´m in a cool gringo town on the pacific coast staying with Ashley from Oregon. Between her and her 2 roomates, the Bostonians and I and constant foot traffic, there´s always somethin interesting going on. Yesterday, I accompanied the boys and a girl named Jessica while they caught some awesome waves. I somehow got burned again even tho I spent most of my time reading in the shade. It´s really weird to be this dark in February. I finished my Jon Krakauer book 'Into Thin Air' the tragic story of the spring of 1996 Mt Everest ridiculousness.

I have about 17 days left before I return home and that´s strange to think about.

I´ve come to find that travelers are a different breed of people, floating around the world enjoying the sights, cultures, and profound realizations therein. Most of the people Ive talked to have decided that this is a way of life, something they´ll be doing throughout their entire existence, without hesitation or even choice at times. The world beckons, and I feel humbled as I seem to have this calling. It´s stressful, however, when the American dream is shoved down your throat. You´re told from all sides to grow up fast and work full time, make as much money as you can, buy a house, get married, have kids, retire in your 60´s or earlier if you´re lucky, then you can travel. I´m not an advocate for the American dream, man. There´s too much to see right now and I plan on seeing as much as I can while still managing to survive monetarily.

I thought there was a possibility that my childhood fantasies of seeing the world would fade away as I got older, that they would disappear if I ignored them. I also thought of the possibility that once I embarked on this 2 month trip, my yearning for travel would wane once getting it out of my system. Some books I´ve been dabbling in can explain the nomad´s frame of mind to a degree of perfection that I cannot. Check out 'Vagabonding' (I forget the author) and 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac to get a better understanding. 'Vagabonding' for sure. I cant wait to read the book in its entirety when I get home.

I feel connected to the earth and validated in a way I´ve never felt before. I feel like everything is so clear to me and I know it wont last forever, but it´s what I need for now. I´ve had a lot of questions floating around in my brain for a long time, more like...whipping around like a freakin´ hurricane. I feel as though the storm has subsided and I´m ready to tackle life with a fresh head and new perspectives.

I´ll be on my way now. I miss you all so much. If you have the chance to see my Petey, give him a kiss for me, please :)


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