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We got word of the arrival of Lainee Danae on Tuesday (7 lb 15 oz and 20" long).

Also heard and got pictures of another grandaughter Nicole. She and her sister Samantha were on the 4-wheeler and "wiped out". Sam jumped off but the 4-wheeler rolled over on Nicole and she has cuts, bruises and a broken collarbone. And also learned that my daughter Lin has become a great grandmother, so that makes us great great grandparents (not direct line but through a "step" process...thank heavens) !!!

Haven't done much this week - just walked, shopped and followed our diet. Friday is weigh-in day... Bob wants to go shopping on Thursday to stock up on snacks!

I'll put on some pics that I had taken with my little camera (over the past 7-8 months) that I finally just got developed. Some are from the Cosmosphere in Kansas last spring, some from Vietnam Memorial in Midland, some from Langtry/Judge Roy Bean's Visitor Center, the Alamo, Amistad. Just a hodgepodge. One of the pics taken in the garden behind Judge Roy Bean's shows our RV in the little Community Center parking lot where we stayed 2 nights, down the street from the center.

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