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Sunday, February 22, 2009. Mountain Lakes RV Resort Newport Beach to Lytle Creek We got up and started packing the rig this morning to be ready to pull out by noon. Jonathan wanted to play with his friends as much as he could before we left so we sent him out the door as soon as we could. There were several people to touch base with and good-byes to say before we pulled out so we did that. Some people left their cards with all their information on them by the door or were passing them out. Something I've always meant to do but just never gotten around to. We pulled out a little after noon. Our drive was only about an hour and a half. It was a pretty one but there was still more traffic than we expected. We got set up and just relaxed the rest of the evening. Tom crashed on the couch for a while. He had dialed in around 2:00 yesterday and worked until 5:30 this morning so he was spent.

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