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the aft deck at night at port lacaya

a night shot at dock, port lacaya

sea bowld made by austal ships. one ugly boat. but functional. i...

a shot of the other side of the boat at port lacaya


self shot.

in uniform. almost professional.

haha im such an amateur


my bunk is up top. i bunk with the chef

ahhhh theres a well trained stew at work. ironing my clothes. haha

crew dinner. beautiful steak mash and brocollini. i wonder what the poor...

a side shot i took

side shot with different setting.

from the fly bridge looking at the sun set.

from the fly bridge looking aft at the jetski and tender as...

another shot of the sunset.

main aft deck while underway

arty shot.

i like this one. the windows are soo polished i could get...

the bridge where it all happens.

some tankers off the shore near gran bahama

sunrise feb 27

this is straglers cay bahamas


it might seem as if there is alot of sunrises but i...

just playing around with some of the settings on the camera. green...

i like this shot. the water was soo calm

this the first cresent of the new moon and the little star...

so i decided to take a number of shots. i think it...

i like this one.


i like the lens flare of this shot and all the warm...

the only reason i like this shot is the mirror image of...

looking down from the boat deck at the tender

sunrise 28th feb 6am



thats 30ft of water. looks like glass. didnt really turn out but...

the sun slowly making its way up.

the sunrise reflecting off the glass windows i just polished.

amazing sunrise.

more sunrises



this is entirely in the window of the main salon

different Exposure setting

the cay in the distance.

the water is like glass. sooooooo beautiful

because of the sun the water and islands look differrent throuout the...

i cant get bored of seeing this.

off the aft deck.

the other side of the island

the same with different settings.


beautiful water.

the cold front came in from the north. right now its snowwing...


devils backbone




little harbour


adam after a hard days work.

tracey and noel at this dodgy island bar we got trashed at.

the view from the island bar


the island bar

me becky and ethan

25lb mahi mahi



squid that got sucked up the sea strainer during the night. they...

these werent the best eating but put up a good fight


northern lights at a distance.





we had a huge bbq on the beach with the owners and...

devils backbone has the beach less than 50m away and reef less...


we used a local pilot to get us though










yohan with the big mahi mahi

the 25lb mahi mahi i caught off the back deck


a little more atlantis

crew lunch, stone crabs, south african scallops and mahi mahi. what are...

a bow shot of atlantis

well i arrived in Fort Lauderdale in Setpember 08 it took me 3.5months to get a job on a boat but in total ive been working in the same ship yard (3months on Lady Jenn) and now 3 months on Northern Lights and still havent actually set food on a boat in the water that wasnt in the shipyard. So this bahamas trip is actually my first experience as a proper deckhand, rather than a glorified day worker. were going to be out in the bahamas for about 2.5 weeks with the owners travelling around bimini, gran Bahama,abaco islands and some other nice places. just fishing and diving and letting the owners relax. for me this trip is great because i get to get some sea time and really start to be a real deckhand. i havent been sea sick so far so.

my day usually consists of getting up at 5.40 and shammying down the boat and removing all the seat covers, polishing the stainless and the windows before the owners wake up and come out for breakfast. after which we do some maintanence and all the stuff associated with either momving the boat from one place to another or for the water activities for the day.

we are only 4 days into the trip and we have caught 2 yellow fin tuna and 2 yellow jacks about 10-14lbs in size each. the chef prepared the tuna for sushi and the yellow jack were only caught today so ill let you know:)

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