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We left San Angelo just as the sun was coming up.

For a long time, this was all we saw in Southwest Texas.

Then we started seeing some mountains...

After hearing so much about Marfa, we had to drive through.

Marfa's county courthouse.

On Main Street.

Just before we got to Presidio, we visited Shafter, TX...now a ghost...

In the Shafter ghost town.

In Presidio, we saw the twin brother of Don Quixote at the...

Yesterday we packed our car (it seemed remarkably empty without our tent and camping gear), and drove as far as San Angelo. Today we got up early and made the long drive through South Texas. We saw Marfa for the first time, and spent some time in the Shafter ghost town. By 3:00 we had reached Presidio. We had chosen to cross here because we were bored of Nuevo Laredo and wanted to cross somewhere different. We figured it'd be a nice, easy border crossing. There was almost no one at the border, and we just drove through into Ojinaga! Was that TOO easy?? It turned out that it was. After driving for 20 minutes, we got to a checkpoint. The Mexicans took one look at our sticker-less car and told us to go back to the border. Drat! 20 minutes back, then found the little caseta, where the guy asked for my driver's license (check), Mexican insurance (check) and a printout of my vehicle registration (oops). Luckily, I could get a printout from the DMV in Presidio instead of having to drive all the way home! The bad news was, by the time we got to the DMV it had already closed, so we had no choice but to spend the night in Presidio!

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