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"In Chihuahua we like clean highways. Help us maintain them by taking...

A very cool cemetery on a hill, just before the city of...

The cemetery covered half a mile easily. There was no way to...

Look! Snow!

Great view of the park. The photos do not do it justice!

A close-up of the cascada.

Look at the green pool at the bottom of the falls.

Wow! Now we're in some serious snow!

And yeah, I should not be wearing flip-flops. But tomorrow, we'll be...

The views driving through the mountains were just stunningly beautiful.

I could not take enough pictures of tall cliffs and cool-looking rocks.

A good reminder to be careful on these roads!

This one is my favorite, with the moon.

This part made us feel like we were in The Land of...

The sunset as we approached Yecora.

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On the way to the waterfall

(MP4 - 3.31 MB)

Darin just threw a snowball!

We spent a quiet evening in Presidio, then got up early, got my vehicle registration printed from the DMV, and we were ready to cross the border (again). This time everything was in order, and we bought our shiny tourist sticker for the car. The morning passed uneventfully as we sped across the Chihuahuan desert towards the mountains.

By lunchtime, we had begun winding our way into the mountains, and we stopped in the city of Chihuahua for a good ole Mexican hamburguesa. Chihuahua is definitely a cowboy city-- everywhere you looked had stores that sold boots, or leather. Some of the best in Mexico, I'm told. I'd like to come back and spend a little more time here.

The mountains got higher-- at one point our GPS read 7800 feet! And the roads got twistier and scarier. Thank goodness Darin has many years' experience driving on mountain roads. We even saw snow-- the first time in 20 years I'd ever seen snow in Mexico! And at one point, the roads had iced over, and cars were sliding off the road. So what do you suppose the Mexican truckers did? At a very icy curve, about 4 or 5 truckers had pulled over to throw sticks on the road and shovel dirt on the ice so that everyone could safely pass. I guess that's what they do up here!

We only had one military stop, just before the national park (Parque Nacional Basaseachic). The soldiers were very friendly and only gave our car a cursory glance. Then we drove into the park, where we wanted to see the Basaseachic waterfall-- the tallest in Mexico at 1,023 feet. We were the ONLY people in the park!! Apparently Mexicans don't do parks in the winter. I don't know why, because the weather was great and the park was gorgeous. We couldn't stay long, but we promised ourselves to come back and do some hiking another time.

We made it to Yecora by nightfall. Yecora (pronounced YEcora) was a tiny little mountain town, and our 4-room hotel was cute (it even had a resident donkey) but had NO HEAT. ...just a fireplace that didn't work!! Smoke went into the room instead of up the chimney, and the only way it would stop was if you opened a window....not what we wanted to do!! So we alternated between coughing and shivering under a million blankets, then escaped to our nice heated car early the next morning.

This is my first time to upload videos, so please let me know whether they play ok for you.

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