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The sun was barely up as we left Yecora.

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The really high gorge

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Finally, I get a decent pic of sagauro cactus.

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Sinaloa Sunset

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Lost in Mazatlan

Just before Yecora, we had left Chihuahua and were now in the state of Sonora. We knew this for two reasons.

1) The roads got a lot crappier.

2) We started seeing sagauro cactus EVERYWHERE. While we were still coming down from the mountains, they looked really cool and a little out of place. The actual Sonoran desert was north of us.

The still camera ran out of batteries, so we only have video of this leg of the trip. Which is too bad, because we have NO pictures of Rosario de Tesopaco. This was a tiny little mountain town where we stopped to have lunch-- a fish stew and some other cooked fish that was also good. The town was SO little and cute, like Higuera Blanca in the mountains. We wandered around in search of batteries and found some...but they were practically dead.

So, we had to wait until we got out of the mountains into the first real civilized town, Ciudad Obregon...which had a Wal-Mart!! So we stocked up there, then we crossed the state line into Sinaloa. We ran into no drug lords, and made it safely through to Mazatlan. We did a little exploring, found a nice hotel near the main drag, found a yummy taco place, and slept well.

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