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3/9/09 – the day has arrived !!! We finally took our flannel sheets off the bed and put on the percale ones…. It’s gotten humid down here the last couple days, and with our flannel sheets, wool blanket, bedspread and heavy sleeping bag on the bed we were having a little trouble sleeping. So we’ve done away with the flannel and sleeping bags (we’ll probably freeze tonight !) 3/11/09 – of course a cold front has come in and it’s down in the 40’s, rainy and windy! The sleeping bag got put back on the bed!

3/11/09 – moving day, finally. The people where our host was moving to didn’t leave when they were supposed to, so it set everyone back. And of course it rained all day today, so that was fun moving in rain and mud. First rain we’ve had since the first day we left home (11/14). When we started the RV up, we discovered we were almost on empty, so we drove down to the gas station to fill up, and by then the host had moved out and we were able to back in and hook our sewer up (YIPPEEEEEE). Our brand new step covers are all muddy – for some reason this land that never gets any rain doesn’t soak it up when it does rain – just lays on top and gets gooshy. Not cool when you have a dog who likes to go in and out! It’s supposed to be rainy and windy the next few days, so we’ll wait until next week to put our awning out. Haven’t had it out since we left, and after this rain we’d better get it dried out. We’ll have to go down to our old campsite in the morning to get all the rest of our stuff, including our antennas for Dish and Internet, and get them set back up. Had to watch taped stuff tonight, and then head to bed early because we were a little chilled from the rain.

Sunday 3/15 - well we're all set up and mostly dried out. I took a couple not very good pictures from our new site. Actually we're on a finger of the huge lake, but there are still a lot of fishermen out here(about 15-20 boat trailers down at the landing). It's the last day of the tournament, so it's been narrowed down to the top 12, and will finish up at 4 p.m. (about 45 minutes from now). The top couple guys in the lead have made over $1 million in their careers, so we have some hard core fisherment here.

The guy (Randy) next to us, who took over as campground host, is going to have to leave earlier than he planned so we may (?) take over as host for the first week of April and then start heading for home. But we never make definite plans !!! It's back up in the 70's and 80's so we'll enjoy some nice weather this week (off with the sleeping bag again...)

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