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Sunday, March 1, 2009. Western Horizons Charleston Peak RV Resort Through Hesperia to Pahrump We left Lytle Creek this morning knowing we had about a four hour drive ahead of us. It turned into a little longer drive though because we ended up driving through Hesperia to find the house Deb's great Aunt and Uncle lived in all the years they lived in California. They now live in San Antonio and we've visited them twice since we've been on the road and have heard them talk so fondly of Hesperia. Deb didn't want to drive through without seeing the house and town. We turned off the highway and followed the directions Aunt Mickey had given us. We took pictures along the way of places that may have sprung up since they lived here. She said the new owner had made a few changes from what the neighbors had told her but it was fun to take pictures and send them to her. Tom's a good sport about stuff like that. We drove on to Pahrump and arrived in the early afternoon. We called our friends Rick, Vickie and Rickie to let them know we were in town. They had full time RV'd for a couple of years. We met them in Red Bay, Alabama when both our rigs were in for repairs and hit it off. We hooked up in Texas, Verde Valley, the Grand Canyon and now in Pahrump near Las Vegas. They are originally from Florida and have decided they love the west and southwest. Pahrump has mountains all around it where they go 4-Wheeling. Rick has found a job he loves and Ricky will go to school some day to become a chef in Las Vegas. We went over to the house for dinner tonight and just relaxed and caught up with what was going on with one another. It was great to see one another again and see their new home.

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