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Lazy days lately. Went to the camp coffee this morning (3/19), and started talking to a couple who just moved here from Whittier, CA (where I lived for 5 years in the 70’s). Turned out the guy’s sister worked at the same place I did out there, and they lived just a couple blocks from where I used to live – small world! Did get up into the 80’s this week again.

3/23/09 – it’s been a crazy couple weeks around the campground (SPRING BREAK). There have been a lot of families and young college students with campers and tents all over the place, and boats/trailers going in and out constantly. So of course there have been some noisy nights. It was a pretty nasty weekend with the wind, so the boats were having a hard time but the kite flyers were having fun…We’re sure glad we weren’t hosts yet !!!

It’s now Monday morning and just our little core group is still around (Harvey, Randy, Jerry and us, plus a couple friends of Harvey’s who are here for a week from New Mexico). I’m the only female in the group!

Friday 3/27

Have little tomatoes on our plants already. It was back up in the 80’s this week, just a little too hot for me, but there’s usually a nice breeze. Oops – went up to 97 yesterday and was very hot and muggy. Back down in the 70’s today and will get down to 40 tonight. Very, very windy again today and tomorrow. We had a hail storm a couple days ago, which lasted about 15 minutes. Made everything mucky again as the water just lays on top and doesn’t soak in, but it got really hot later in the day so it dried up. We'll start as "hosts" tomorrow morning - hope the weekend is quiet....

I went to the laundromat today, while Bob stayed back and did dishes and some cleaning (what a wonderful guy !).

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