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A view of the river valley from up above.

Elephant Rock

Bridalveil Falls is visible in the distance.

A nice family shot.

A shot of Jonathan on the path leading up to Bridalveil Falls.

Bridalveil Falls from the viewing platform. The wind was blowing so we...

Jonathan is drinking from the falls. He must be REALLY thirsty!

Whoa! Now it's Tom that's guzzling the water down.

A closer shot of the valley with Bridalveil Falls in the background.

Deb and Jonathan smile for Tom. This valley looks so different today...

Yep! We're having a good time. Daddy's good at making us laugh...

El Capitan is on the left, you can almost see Half Dome...

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls is a three part falls. This is the upper third...

Deb earns her Jr. Ranger Badge.

Saturday, March 21, 2009.

Yosemite Lakes Thousand Trails, Groveland, CA

Family Day at Yosemite

The three of us spent the day in Yosemite today. Jonathan and I had seen some of the sites as we drove back and forth to Badger Pass Ski Area but Tom hadn't had a chance to get into the park yet due to work so today was his day. We stopped at a few of the scenic pullovers on the way into the park that Jonathan and I hadn't taken the time to stop and enjoy yet during the week so that was nice.

One of them had a waterfall. With it being Spring, the water was really running fast too so just the sound of that was powerful. We stopped at the main scenic look-out point of the park and took pictures then traveled down in the valley to Bridalveil Falls. We hiked up to the foot of the falls and took pictures which was fun.

The weather today was different than it had been all week. It was overcast and it sprinkled off and on all day. There were clouds over the valley of the park and you could stand and watch the clouds travel up the face of El Capitan from the end of the valley then watch them roll away from the rock face as they got higher and higher. It was really a neat contrast to what we had seen earlier in the week. Tom said he liked this better than when it was sunny because of things like the clouds and mist so this was his day.

We drove on to the Visitors Center parking and had our picnic lunch in the truck. We walked to the Visitors Center from there and stamped our Park Passport, picked up our Jr. Ranger Books and walked around the Visitor Center enjoying the displays. We went to see the movie and then to the Indian Village outside but the rain had pretty well squelched what was going on out there. They had an interactive village where people could observe the lifestyle of the Native Americans who once lived in the valley.

We went back to the Visitor Center to turn in our Ranger Book then saw the white board behind the desk. It said 100% chance of snow in Yosemite. 2"-12" expected. Tire chains will be required. We decided to head back to the RV so we could pack up and get out of the park before the snow hit or we knew we wouldn't get out until the middle of the following week. We had plans to meet up with some friends and we didn't want to miss them so we headed out.

The Yukon was hooked up to the RV and we pulled out sometime around 7:30 PM. We drove for about three hours knowing we missed some beautiful scenery but we knew we would get to see our friends too. We're parked in a Flying J truck stop tonight. Tomorrow's drive will be a shorter one so that will be nice.

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