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Tuesday, March 31 2009.

San Benito Thousand Trails, Paicines, CA

A Motorcycle Lunch Date

Rich and Carol loaned us one of their Bill Gaither videos last night so we put that in the DVD player this morning while we were having breakfast and getting our day going. They put on a great concert along with another quartet group.

Jonathan was the first one dressed and out the door. He had seen Rich outside with his coffee so he went to join him I think. I went over and we visited for a little while. He asked if it would be alright if he took Jonathan up to the store to get a few groceries. Jonathan could hardley wait. We had a few things we wanted to do back in our RV first. Rich came over and knocked on the door though and told Jonathan "Don't eat lunch before we go." He had asked yesterday if it would be okay if he took Jonathan out to lunch one day while we were here together so I guess today was the day. Jonathan could hardly contain himself.

When we were done with our reading, he put his sweatshirt on then headed for the trailer with the motorcycle in it. Rich pulled the bike out, they put their helmets on and took off. They went to McDonalds for lunch. Jonathan said he got a milk shake too!

Carol and I spent quite a bit of time talking out under the awning but I was getting hungry so I went over to the RV and made a little bit of lunch and visited with Tom for a while. I called Mom while Jonathan was gone and we talked for a good hour or so. That was nice. We were winding up our conversation just as Rich and Jonathan arrived back home. We brought the groceries in and put things away. Jonathan took their groceries over to Carol.

Carol and I spent a couple more hours sitting outside at the picnic table while I was working on sewing Jonathan's Pack Flag together. Once it's sewn, then he gets to decorate it with feathers and beads and stuff. He completed the requirements for his Bobcat Badge today so that was pretty cool.

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