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Friday -

Exciting Nights at the Campground (Easter weekend)

A gal left a note on one of the shelters and paid their $4, and another group came along and (said they didn’t see any note) set up camp. She wanted us to make the people move but Bob wasn’t about to get in the middle of that. We tried calling the main camp host and Park Rangers but no one was answering their phone.

Meanwhile, Bob had changed the filter on the generator, and when I started it up we had oil flying all over the place (he had forgotten to put the plug back in when he checked the oil)!!! Bob ended up pretty drenched in oil… So we put in the 2 quarts of oil we had, and then drove down to the gas station to get more, and by the time we got back a Deputy Sheriff was here because the people who were fighting over the site had called them… Both Bob and the Deputy told the gal that because she had not left anything (like lawn chairs, etc.) on the site, that she was SOL.

Then Bob had to go out at almost 10:30 to make someone shut their generator off. Then about 10:45 we heard another one running, so he had to get back out of bed and go make them shut theirs off…

This place is totally packed. Kites flying, volleyball games, charcoal burning. There have to be 150 people here in 17 sites, and we’re the only non-Mexicans !!! Back in Iowa you don’t think about having a crowded campground just because it’s Easter weekend 

Harvey took off on Wednesday. We went out with him for scrumptious BBQ brisket on Tuesday night. Had a couple drinks (White Russians) with the new neighbors (Mike/Jeannie from Kansas) Wednesday night, and Margaritas on Friday night. They took off on Saturday, which leaves us the ONLY non-Mexican people in the campground. And when a Mexican “family” goes camping, it is the ENTIRE family! One site may have up to 7-8 tents, 4-5 cars, boats, and a “jillion” people – LOL But they are all good people, very polite and friendly and don’t give us any hassle (except for the couple who don’t shut their generators off on time). And Saturday night a group decided to stay up and play loud music until 3 a.m. (dogs barking, etc.), but we just let them alone. Figured if the rest of the campers didn’t complain, they must like it !!! Luckily around 3 it started to rain a little so they quieted down.

Sunday was nice, and a lot of campers had left late Saturday due to the wind, so it was a lot quieter. We started putting stuff in the RV getting ready to go, and returned the unused camp-fee envelopes to the ranger station.

Got a different brand wireless router and are trying again to go wireless in the RV, but it’s not working yet, so we’re still strung across the room…

We’ll head up to Stonewall, TX tomorrow, and explore Fredericksburg (a German town), Luchenback, and the LBJ Ranch. Then head east across Texas (south edge of Austin) and over to the Louisiana border. Then across Louisiana to Natchez, Mississippi and up the Natchez Trace to just south of Nashville, and on home. Hope to get a lot of good pictures on the trip.


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