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Luchenbach General Store and Bar

More of store

Big dancehall in Luchenbach

Critter in Luchenbach

WWII Pacific War Museum

AOG PT Maquoketa Plaque

#51 Maquoketa PT Boat

Rather Sweet shop

Rather Sweet

Private Settlement Cabins

Pont in private settlement

Pond in settlement

PT Boat Display at Museum

Luchenbach, Tx

WWII beach display

Did a load of laundry up at the clubhouse, and also did a load here in the RV. It’s supposed to rain really bad around here starting Thursday, so hopefully we’ll get out of here in the morning and stay ahead of it …

Went to Luchenbach, Tx on the way to Fredericksburg this morning. Hard to find, but a really neat place. Population 3 – but didn’t see Waylon, Willie and the boys !!!

Then we went to Fredericksburg to visit the National Museum of the Pacific War, The Admiral Nimitz Museum, the George Bush Museum and the Combat Zone. Huge place. If you’ve never gone to a WWII Museum, this is the one to go to. Has outside display areas with all sorts of plaques, a Japanese garden, etc. One of the plaques (see pics) is about the Auxiliary/Oil/Gas (AOG) PT boats constructed to deliver clean aviation, regular gas and diesel to airstrips in WW II (one of them was named MAQUOKETA). They are in the process of adding another 40,000 feet of displays. The ticket price ($6 or 7 depending on if you’re 65) is good for 2 days and you could easily spend 2 days seeing and reading everything. It’ll be closed starting in June, and they plan to reopen the remodeled one December 7th in conjunction with Pearl Harbor Day. George H W Bush is supposed to be there, as well as the oldest living soldier who was at Pearl Harbor. We definitely want to go back some day as we didn’t see it all.

We stopped at Rather Sweet and had a huge chocolate buttercream piece of cake (over $6 for 1 slice – but it sure was good and was plenty for both of us). I think the gal who owns it is either a niece or granddaughter of Dan Rather. We stopped in Rustlin Robs, which had at least 100 different salsas and other sauces with crackers for tasting. I left Bob there and ran down to the General Store to look around. Got back in time to keep him from over-indulging…and was glad he didn’t go because there was a wine-tasting store on the way !!! We got him some salsa and some home-made fudge for his last day before going on the diet again.

We saw a really neat place with old fashioned cabins, little pond, paddle wheel, etc. so we parked and went exploring – and figured out it was some kind of “settlement” that consisted of all these rental cabins so we got out of there ! Took some neat pictures tho.

Ended the day by going to HEB grocery store, as well as Walmart to stock up on diet food. Found some delicious, HUGE, naval oranges at HEB.

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