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Closet - missing safe

Broken back door

Made it home tonight (4/24/09). It was quite a last couple days – we drove for over 11 hours in the wind on Friday. We took the Trace up to Tupelo, cut over on I-78 to skirt Memphis, drove into Arkansas for the night, drove into Missouri, then over into Illinois. Actual driving time, we were in 5 states within 4.5 hours… I misread the map so we ended up on I-57 instead of I-55, so we took a small 2-lane road north for about 125 miles to catch I-55 again south of Springfield (but we missed St. Louis – we hate to go through big cities). We were going through one of the numerous small towns on the way and spied a Dairy Queen. By the time we had gone around a couple blocks and Bob was able to park, we were 4 blocks away. So Weebles and I headed on foot to get a couple malts. I didn’t see the outside tables and couldn’t take him inside, so we walked through the drive-thru. I had to wait until another vehicle came up before I could get their attention. Then had to wait 10 minutes for a long order in front of me. We hoofed it back to the RV (in the wind and 85 degree weather), but that malt sure tasted good when we finally got to drink it… By the time we finally got up to I-55 again, we were pretty low on fuel, because none of the small towns had gas stations big enough for us to pull in and out of with the car behind, so we ended up paying $2.199 a gallon (our highest price on the whole trip). Luckily most of the trip we had the wind behind us, but when we would make turns to the west we really got a big sidewind. The closer we got to Peoria, the more we wanted to just get home rather than stay one more night on the road. We pulled into our driveway at 7:10 p.m. (we had started at 8 a.m. in the morning). Sure felt good to be home again. We spent the night in the RV as we still had to do major cleanup in the house, and we had to heat or water yet. Looks like our vandals tried to start a fire in the fireplace - there are burn spots on the carpet and quite a mess. Believe it or not, we had telephone service – first time since we started leaving for over the winter.

Saturday – we started unloading. Bob got the Internet set up, but we still can’t get the furnace to work, and he hasn’t messed with DISH TV yet. We’ve got some electric heaters running, and a fire in the fireplace. I’ll put a couple pics on here of what we found when we got home – not a pretty site. We have sooooo much more to unload, but will sleep in the house tonight and worry about the rest tomorrow. I’ll post again when I get my pictures from my little camera. Thanks for following us.

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