dans_southamerican_journey_2008 travel blog

me in my uniform

we wear this on arrival and departure

simone all dressed up for our dinner at the owners house.

the crew leaving casino royale.

the house assistants making us a Bahama Mama Cocktail. real nice

the back yard has its own beach, talk about ocean view.

the back of the house.

such a nice view. i could get used to this.

the owners girlfriend in blue and another guests wife in black.

dan our deck hand.

the whole crew.

the kitchen this place is huge.

one of the dining room tables

the blue guest room

the other guest room

the stair case.

looking down from the grand piano to the dining table

the bathroom its huge.

the lavender guests room

this shower is huge as well.

me and simone in the mirror

the exercise room looks out on to the ocean

the balcony

left off the balcony

looking right from the bathroom

me with a cheezy grin

the master bedroom

the master bedroom

this is the wardrobe. its bigger than a New York apartment

seriously its huge


the bathroom is insanly large



me on the stairs

the house assistants

the sound system rack

the guest house



our table by the pool

the 2nd course

3rd course

4th course

the 5th and main course

the last and 6th course.


Dans bunk above mine. hes got a bigger bunk

my bunk is huge in comparison to the one on Northern Lights.

the bathroom. not alot of space but a fair bit of shelf...

the shower, is soo hard to shower in, when the seas are...

our crew

our crew mess table

Well a little bit of information about the boat. It sleeps 10 crew, Captain, First Mate, Cheif Stewardess, 1st Stewardess, 2nd Stewardess, Engineer, 1st Deckhand, 2nd Deckhand.

It has 5 staterooms including the Master cabin. we cruise at about 12 knots per hour (apx 12 miles per hour) we have

4 rotary Jet skis

5 full dive BC's and dive tanks.

full sets of snorkle and mask for 20 people.

2 Vespa 250cc Scooters

1 x 24ft Tender with twin 150 Hp motors on the back

1 x 14ft tender for Crew/ Rescue Purposes

We have a inflatable sea trampoline

2 person and 1 person ski tubes.

Wake board

Knee board


3 14ft marquees

Full fishing gear for game fish trawling

the boat also has a 6 Person Spa on the Sundeck.

A website for some pictures of the yacht is:


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