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we have docked at the island and it consists of a jetty a store and a petrol pump, haha the water here is amazing and there are sharks and stingrays everywhere. after arriving here at 9am i got the big tender 24ft ready and took the guests out trolling for mahi mahi for 2 hours. We didnt catch anything but they had a good time anyway. the local bahamian guy on the dock said that it was because it was a full moon and the seas are too calm for mahi mahi but they will be biting in a couple of days and we should be patient. so apart from getting hassled out from the other deck crew about the fact that i didnt catch anything it was all good and ive been given a second chance in a couple of days to make the guests smile with a big mahi in their hand. In the afternoon the deckcrew (minus myself coz i done the morning excursion) took the guests to swim with nurse sharks and to katherines bubble bath. katherines Bubble path is a large rock pool that is fed by the sea surging into rocks and the water running down into the pool and frothing up.

while all the guests were out for the afternoon all the other crew whent swimming of the back of the boat and snorkled with the nurse sharks that come to have a look at us.

While im here i thought that i would let you know what a typical day involves working on the yacht. Im up on deck at 6am. shaven and looking professional. we start on the bridge deck (the middle one) and shammy the table, stainless, glass, flat surfaces, sweep the floor and pack away all the covers. then we go down a deck and do that to the Main deck. then we go up 2 levels to the Sun deck and do the same. by this time it will be 9am and we go in for some breakfast. then we head back out and so the port and starboard main deck walkways and then move up to the wheel house area and move down to the foredeck. then we launch any watercraft that will be used for the days activities, refuel and get all other gear organised. we know the sizes of all the guests so we arrange all of their life vests, snorkles, booties for them when they leave. we will also get towels, sunscreen, esky full of food and water for the guests ready and then assist them into and out of the tender at thier destination. inbetween we try to not talk to much but make them enjoy themselves which is pretty easy seeing the suroundings are just to die for.

then when we come back we then wash all of the equiptment and shammy all the watercraft. in the evening i will change into evening wear stand watch on the passer rail (the gang way when we are on dock) look professional and assist guests if needed also radioing the rest of the crew when guests leave and arrive so that other people can do thier job and make thier beds as soon as they leave or get them a drink on arrival and all that sort of thing. basically tend to their needs. then after they all go to bed we will place all the covers back on all of the tables and chairs lock all doors and go to bed. usually i will start late one day (8am) and then 6am the next day. the roster is a guideline because its not always possible but they try to make it up to me when they can.

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