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New Orleans didn't quiet live up to what I thought it would be - it was a fun place but very dirty, hot, humid and full of sleazy guys - I've never been offered so many drinks or had such comments about my ass! I met a great group of girls at the hostel though so we tended to hang around together - safety in numbers :) On my first night in New Orleans I headed into Bourbon St with Michelle - a fellow Aussie who was in my room. Bourbon St was like a hyped up version of Hindley St - maybe dirtier though. You could buy 'huge ass beers' - bigger than pints - in plastic glasses for $2 to drink while you walked along - that accounted for all the really drunk people around at 7pm. We wandered around and managed to avoid being dragged into various clubs by over eager bouncers and ended up finding a really nice place for dinner. It was quiet fancy but as it was a Tuesday night they had a special deal going so that you could sample lots of courses for a special price. I had fried wild catfish - which surprisingly was very nice, chicken gumbo - which had a soup like consistency and was also nice, then for main I had crawfish entouffee - which tasted a lot like the gumbo! Desert was pecan pie which was also yummy - a very nice dinner all around. After dinner we wandered around a bit more and then headed back to the hostel.

The hostel was the dirtiest I've stayed in - there was a big rat in the kitchen who kept stealing people's food and lots of cockroaches. The only thing to use for cooking was a microwave so basically I just ate out all the time - really put a dent in my budget!

On Wednesday I decided to wander around the French quarter and then head to the library - the library was in a slightly dodgy end of town so I got quite a lot of sleazy comments as I went by - that teamed with the fact that I had a really bad headache made me wish I could just leave New Orleans that night! It got better though, on friday I went to breakfast at Cafe du Monde - a place famous for it's cafe au lait and beignets (square doughnuts covered in icing sugar). After that I went on a 2 hour cruise down the Mississhippi river on a Steam boat - they had a jazz band playing as well so I loved it. After the cruise I wandered around the French quarter again and found some cool little shops. By that stage it was time to head back to the hostel as I'd arranged with the girls to go out for dinner. We went to a mexican place called 'The Flying Burrito' and the food was superb (and cheap!). After a couple of Magaritas we headed home.

Friday was ridiculously hot and humid - after 10 minutes outside I was ready to head back to my air conditioned room! Instead we caught the tram cars all over New Orleans just seeing where they went - perfect activity for a hot day. We went to a local restaurant called Garlic Clove for dinner. I had Jambalya (chicken, shrimp, sausage in a spicy tomato sauce on rice) and a Hurricane cocktail - the hurricane was invented in New Orleans so I had to try one - it was great - didn't taste alcoholic at all!

Today was my last day in New Orleans - I went to Cafe du Monde for breakfast again - I know beignets aren't healthy to eat but they're yummy and cheap -$1.37 for 3! After that I did my last bits of souvenir shopping and then headed back to the hostel as the shuttle bus was picking me up at 2pm. On the way home a huge thunderstorm hit and as I started walking from the tram to the hostel it started pouring rain - I've never seen rain that heavy - within 2 minutes I was soaked to the skin - luckily I had time to change clothes before I got on the plane!

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