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The day before we left we had a visitor in the backyard

"I'm lookin' at you!"

Flowers out on our cactus

Getting home on Sunday and taking off again on Thursday is more than a little crazy.

I don't think we slept past 0400 Monday, Tueday or Wednesday and our days were full with errands, car repairs, hair appointments and of course, American Idol.

We woke up early on Thursday also, about 0530, so we took off as soon as we got the car packed. No real reason to wait. After driving for a few hours, we looked at each other and agreed that it didn't feel strange at all, in fact, it felt very natural to be back "on the road again".

Our drive up through Globe and into Show Low (NE AZ) was great - very little traffic, a little rain here and there but it seemed to always be off in the distance.

I've never driven cross country before, so, though not looking forward to being in a car for 4 days, I was excited about the making it to states I'd never been to before.

After Arizona, we scraped the NW corner of New Mexico and made our way to Durango, Co. Durango is a town that we'd always wanted to hit when we were skiing since it's a little out of the way. Nice little town, stayed at one of the Best Western's...no $10-$20 a night anymore...we're not in Asia anymore :-). We grabbed dinner at a Mexican restaurant - our 1st in over 6 months but I had a Salmon salad. No salmon in Asia and since we've gotten back I can't get enough of fresh greens. Greens were one of the foods we generally didn't tempt fate with.

Off tomorrow for Golden, Co....the home of Coors Beer!! and my cousin Judy and her family - our next stop on our USA Adventure.

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