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Joy had a brainfart !!! For some reason I didn’t think we had to be in Gettysburg until Friday night for Bob’s National family reunion (the 300th anniversary of the Meiser/Meizer/Mizer/Miser/Meisser, etc. family’s arrival in America). I got an email after lunch on Wednesday, and realized we needed to be there by Thursday night. I checked the info on the reunion – and low and behold we had reservations for Thursday night and a tour on Friday (which I thought was on Saturday). Getting old is not fun, folks… (Later my co-workers said they had never seen me so frazzled !)

Bob was off fishing with his sister, about an hour’s drive away, and I wasn’t able to contact either one of them by cell phone. And I didn’t have their home phone with me.

Anyway, I frantically closed up shop at work – throwing some of my stuff on a co-workers desk to finish, and rushed home. Finally got ahold of Bob and told him he had to get home RIGHT AWAY as we had to leave that afternoon. I threw everything into suitcases and bags and started loading the car. He got home about 3:45 and we were on the road before 4:30 p.m.

We drove as far as LaPorte, Indiana, and stopped at a little motel on the tollway, bypassing a couple big-name hotels. A large black lab greeted me in the office and slobbered all over me, so at least I felt welcome. Got in the room, and immediately Bob noticed they didn’t have an ice bucket (so obviously no ice for his martini). Then he discovered they didn’t have wifi, and there was just a rubber stopper for the tub and a paper windowshade on the window…I just told him we could have ice and wifi for another $40 – so we made do for the night. No where to eat around there, so we had snacks.

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