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We got on the road about 7:30 a.m. and ended up having breakfast at a McDonald’s on the tollway (yummy – not). Drove straight through to our exit in Pennsylvania, at which time the road turned to a narrow, winding, mountainous 2-lane highway with 20 mph curves. It took us almost 2 hours to go the last 65 miles! We got a little lost in Gettysburg (which was totally filled with tourists walking the streets) and finally found the right road going toward our hotel (the Eisenhower), which ended up about 4 miles out of town. Sure glad it was still light out. But, wooohooo, they had an ice bucket and wifi. But since it was so far out and no place close around to eat, we ended up with my finishing the last ham sandwich we had brought, and Bob had tortilla chips and olives with his martini. The hotel was full of teenagers, all at the pool area, so Bob was able to go to the sauna.

I called one of the other groups of people who were driving straight through from Wisconsin, and they had hit a lot of road construction and tie-ups in Chicago, and ended up not getting in until about 1 in the morning. Imagine going over that awful road in the dark – but they seemed to think it was better that they couldn’t see.

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