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Had a buffet breakfast, and gathered for our tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield. We first went to the Eisenhower Estate and walked around the grounds. Eisenhower had been around that area while in the service, and decided to retire there after leaving the Whitehouse. We were able to go through the home, which was really interesting. He had a little putting green installed behind the house, which Bob would have given his eye teeth to take a stroke on (but probably would have ended up in the brig). It was rain off and on all day, but we never really got wet - we were always inside somewhere when it rained, lucky us.

We then went to the Visitor’s Center, a huge structure. We had some lunch and then attended the brief movie and then went up an escalator to see a diorama of the Civil War. Then back down to the museum where we explored for over an hour before our bus was ready to leave for the actual battlefields. We had a very knowledgeable tour guide who gave us some great information on how the Battle of Gettysburg was really the turning point of the entire war. We did get to stop at a couple spots, but there were quite a few more we would have liked to visit – and we just got a glimpse of the cemetery.

After we got back we hit the lounge again – Bloody Mary’s were a favorite of the group. Then in for a buffet meal and a comedy act.

We got a call during the evening from Bob’s sister Judie, letting us know that our dog Weebles was not doing well. He was having a rear-end problem (won’t go into details) and was pretty weak. Of course it was Friday night by then and the weekend with no vet offices open. They said they would just keep a close eye on the situation and take him somewhere if necessary. That put us in a pretty sad mood, so we left after the comedy show and went back to our rooms.

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