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Took my first overnight bus in Central America. Napped a little in the hotel, before continuing with more sleeping on the bus. Of course, the bus would be full, and that the person next to me would have bad breath. But luckily, I was really tired and could say "buenas noches" pretty quickly. Still we had a little bit of conversation, found out that he was a professor in Spanish, and was happy to teach me some Spanish, in fact, he insisted on writing me his email, and asked me to email him... Vamos a ver...!!! Funnily enough, he thought at first I was a Panamarian, or was from Columbia. Guess the dark bus simply made me look even darker!! But hey, my Spanish does not quite reflect that of a Latino, even if he could hear traces of a Costa Rican accent... (way to go!!)

The express bus was even more express than usuaul; was expected to arrive in Panama City at 6am, but woke up blinking at the terminal at 5:30am... Just as well took the later bus, or else would have arrived at some ridiculously early hours in the morning! Despite the professors offer of going for a cup of coffee, I was desparate to check into a hotel, if only to catch a few more hours of sleep! Also, my contact lenses were feeling so dry, I thought I might end up losing another pair.

I was slightly annoyed at the interference of my taxi driver trying to find me a cheaper room than the hotel I asked for. After being in Central America for a few months, you learn that taxi drivers sometimes get paid commission at certain hotels, and I just wanted to go to the hotel I wanted and lay down my sleepy head!! Anyway, it turned out the hotel was charging me more than quoted in the Lonely Planet, and I did end up staying at the hotel the driver was inquiring at... Hehehehe.

And so, I checked myself into a nicely furnished room, with an even nicer hot shower than the Toledo, back in David, and it had even more channels on the cable TV. But the first thing I took advantage of was the bed... for me to snooze until I was ready to explore!

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