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Jonathan is checking things out as we walk up to the main...

This sign talks about the Iditarod Trail being a National Historic Trail...

Tom by the statue that commemorates Joe Redington Sr. as the Father...

Jonathan watching the video of the Iditarod race starting. You can see...

You can take a dog sled ride if you want to. These...

Jonathan holds one of the puppies in the office.

Tom gets a turn too. He said he could feel the puppie's...

Summer, Rober, Alexi and Jonathan all together on the front steps with...

Jonathan checks out the excavator cab at the fair when we arrive.

Now he gets to try the training software. If he does well,...

Digging deep! Fill that dump truck.

Checking out the backhoe.

We tried them all out. They had people demonstrating wood splitters and...

This was a cool shot with the flag displayed from the bucket....

This tractor has a cab!

Deb says "Can I have a ride?"

I love this shot! Does this say ALASKA State Fair or what?...

Soon to be a pround mama.

Jonathan waves "HI!" as they go by in the bumper car.

Uh oh. Who is he going for now? Look out people!

I think Tom had fun too. I could tell the other people...

This woman show us how she made yarn out of her wool.

And the final fireworks show.

Wednesday night's show was good but this one was better yet.

What a great way to end our time in the Palmer/Wasilla area.

One of the ground displays.

The Grand Finale.

Friday, September 4, 2009.

Big Bear RV Park, Palmer, Alaska

Iditard Headquarters and Final Day at State Fair

Jonathan and I made a Walmart run this morning to get a few last minute groceries. When we got back we all headed over to the Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla. We hadn't made it there yet and it was one of the things we wanted to do in this area.

There weren't many people there when we first arrived. We went inside and watched the video on the Iditarod. It was interesting seeing actual footage of races and pictures of past winners. Seeing the starting line is one thing but they had quite a bit of footage of what it's like out on the trail so I enjoyed that a lot.

When we went outside there was a tour bus there with a bunch of people wearing bright yellow vests. One of them told me they were with an RV caravan and gave me a website I could look them up on if I wanted to. We usually run back to the RV when the buses pull up with crowds like that or stay inside and hide out until they leave so I probably won't be looking them up soon. ;-)

Jonathan had the chance to hold one of the husky puppies for quite a while so he was happy about that. We met the Florian family there. They homeschool in the area then come into Wasilla for extra curricular activities a couple times a week. Based on what their boy Robert said, they come to see the puppies pretty often and they can tell them apart. They have even given them names! Pretty cool.

Emily, their mom, Tom and I had some nice time to talk while the kids played with the dogs so that was great. It's always nice to get some of that in especially when other friends area so far away.

When we left the Iditarod Headquarters we had to head for the Palmer Post Office to pick up our mail before it closed. We had a box of stuff waiting so we got that then headed for the fairgrounds. The demolition derby had already started. We were thinking about going but decided not to since we were late. Jonathan wanted to stop and look at the excavator. There was a booth beside it and Tom asked if Jonathan could try out the training software. They said “Sure!” so Jonathan had a chance to run an excavator that night.

We walked around for a while. We visited the pig who we had seen on the news the night before. She was going to give birth to her piglets while she was at the fair so we had to stop by and see if she had had them yet but she was still in labor. Tom and Jonathan rode the bumper cars again. We walked through some of the displays where people had put up their crafts, photography, baked goods or art. We shared a funnel cake and ended the evening watching their great fireworks show.

Tomorrow we will be packing up and pulling out as early as we can headed through Tok, past the border to a campground some place between there and Haines Junction if all goes well.

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