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Tom's niece Dallas and her family. Justin, Wyatt, Dallas and Riley.

Tom's sister Sandy, niece Amie, Deb and Dallas.

Deb, Tom, Jonathan and Sandy.

A true big brother.

Tom says, "Yeah, sure, ya betcha!" Aren't brothers nice to have around?...

Finally, just a nice smile!

Amie and her boyfriend Brock. He's a Bears fan so Jonathan thought...

Saturday, October 10, 2009.

Boondocking, Benton, Wisconsin.

Visiting Family in Benton

We've spent the past couple days visiting Tom's sister Sandy and her family. We arrived last night around 5:30. We drove to the spot Sandy had told us was OK for us to camp in but there were county trucks parked where we thought we were supposed to park and we didn't want to park in the wrong spot and cause any trouble for her or get ticketed so we drove on over to the house to see if she was home yet.

She had juse pulled in ten minutes before we arrived so we visited for a little bit then all jumped in her car and went looking for Pastor Perkinson. We thought maybe it would be a good idea to park in the church parking lot if we could find him and get permission. She had us flying around town so fast it was kind of comical. When it was all said and done, she had stopped at the someone's house in town that had the authority to make the decision and obtained permission for us to park down by the county highway department building. We were back where we started but could rest assured that the lone police officer in this town of 900 wouldn't ticket us. We got set up, fired the generator up and took off to Guler's Corner to get burgers for dinner. Sounded good to me!

Today we went over to our nieces house to see the kids one of which is only two weeks old. She's a cutie and has a full head of brown hair like her daddy instead of white blonde like her mom and brothers. Zoe.

We took the kids across the street to the church's coffee shop, Sacred Grounds. We hadn't gotten around to breakfast yet so we had muffins and something to drink. I had chai! Yummm. The kids had a ball playing while we talked and caught up with one another.

Tom is going to go over to the church in the morning to check out their sound system so it was nice to meet a couple of the people ahead of time.

Sandy had called Amie and Brock to see if they wanted to join us all for dinner later this evening. Tom (Peart, Sandy's husband) wanted to take everybody out for dinner. We went to a restaurant called Hi Country. The food was good and the company was great. We had fun talking, laughing and playing with the kids.

Jonathan has had fun kidding around with Sandy about the Bears and the Packers all day. Sandy is a die-hard Packers fan and Jonathan is getting into football lately and had decided he likes the Bears. She was giving him heck about that and he lapped it up. It was a good day.

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