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This is the church we attended this morning. The old High School...

I caught Tom at the sound board before he knew we were...

The gym turned santuary. The worship team is getting ready for practice.

Sacred Grounds is the name of their Coffee Shop in what used...

Sweet little Zoe is napping when we arrive.

Dallas and Deb on the couch with Zoe.

Isn't she sweet? So tiny. She's two weeks old.


Deb had put her back in bed after feeding and burping her...

Sunday, October 11, 2009.

County Parking Lot, Benton, Wisconsin.

Benton Bible Church and Family Time

Tom headed over to the Benton Bible Church this morning to work with the sound team on figuring out what kind of sound equipment might work well for their church. They're getting ready to order new sound equipment and since Tom has been involved in specking this kind of thing out before they asked for his input. This is right up his alley so it's really more like play for him. He enjoyed it. I'm sure he will have fun looking for options for them and researching as that is also one of his gifts.

Jonathan and I walked up to the church a little bit later. We took the “scenic route”. Not having grown up in Benton I don't have all the streets down quite like Tom does so we walked a couple blocks out of our way but we had fun. We took a couple pictures of the front of the building before we went inside. This building used to be the high school in town. Tom attended his freshman year in this building before the new high school was built. He remembers the administration using the day of school so the students could help move books and equipment from this building to the new one. Anyway, we had the opportunity to listen to worship practice and attend the service. It was nice meeting some of the people and seeing the pastor again.

After church we walked over to Dallas and Justin's house. I hadn't had the chance to hold Zoe yet and I was bound and determined not to leave Benton without doing that so we hung out for a while and just visited. Sandy stopped by for a bit. She went to go grocery shopping but came back afterwards saying she wasn't feeling well so she went home and went to bed.

We went back to the RV to turn the generator off and hung out for a while. It gave Dallas and Justin a chance to put the boys down for their naps. We went back with the computer and pictures for a little while this evening because we wanted to show them some of the Alaska highlights.

Sandy was still not feeing well so we didn't get to see her again before we left. She called Tom on the phone while we were driving over to Dubuque. We were headed for Flexsteel to have the couch repaired tomorrow so we are parked in their lot tonight and plugged into the side of their building. Our appointment is for 9:00 AM so we'll have to be up and ready in the morining.

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