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Savana Ecker and Jonathan at the Roller Rink.

Deb and Karin at the rink. Moms had a fun time gabbing...

Sierra gets in on the shot this time.

Jean, Haley and Cory join us in pictures this time.

Karin plays photographer.

Jonathan plays photographer this time. Good job Boyo!

Hanging out at Wendy's after skating.

Caught Jonathan this time. We were playing a game and just having...

Savana and Jonathan. They had a great time. They're growing up.

Silly faces! That's the only way I can get them to give...

Deb and Sierra's nice smiles.

Silly smiles!

Karin and Sierra's nice smiles.

Sierra and Karin's silly faces!

Jonathan took a few shots at Leo's flag football game. Leo's team...

You can see Leo in these shots. He's wearing a grey hat...

Back at Bartelmeys house we have time to visit and hang out....

Jonathan and Leo have been best friends since we moved to Ottawa...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009.

Illini State Park, Marseilles, Illinois.

Eckers and Bartelmeys

Today we had all kinds of plans. We got up and got going so we could meet the Ecker family at the roller rink at 10:00. We used to skate every Wednesday with the homeschoolers so we drove over to see Mrs. Jean this morning and skate with our friends Savana, Sierra and Cory too. It was fun seeing everyone and catching up on what was going on in everyone's lives. Jonathan had a ball. Before we went he wasn't too sure since it had been a little while since he had skated last but I told him it was kind of like riding a bike and that once he got on his skates it would all come back to him and it did. He was flying around the floor in no time!

The moms visited the whole time and just got caught up on all the news. Several of the homeschool families have gone to public school. There was some sad news in a couple of the families and some good news in others.

We all went to lunch after skating and had fun just talking some more and being silly and laughing together. Finally it was time to go. Karin and the girls had to go get their grocery shopping done and we needed to get back to the RV so we could get ready for our visit with the Bartelmeys this evening. What a fun morning we had though. Thank you Mrs. Jean and Ecker Family!

After resting up a bit and doing a little bit of math back at the RV we headed out to meet up with the Bartelmey family at the baseball field in Marseilles. Jonathan's friend Leo was going to be playing flag football there and we were going to go watch the game. His parents hadn't told us we were coming so we were anxious to see Leo's reaction when we arrived to surprise him. He was surprised. We watched the game. Leo did well. We all went back to their home afterwards and had dinner together and visited all evening. Jonathan spent the night so I'm sure he will be a happy camper when he gets home today. Maybe a tired one but a happy one none then less.

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