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Silly faces!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009.

Illini State Park, Marseilles, Illinois.

Gendes, Hopkins and Walkers

Jonathan spent the night at Leo's house last night so I used some of the time this morning to load pictures on the computer and to clean out cabinets in the back of the RV. I wanted to take a few things to Mom's house on Saturday instead of having to drag them back up from Indiana in the car at Christmas time so I figured I'd work on that today.

Jonathan arrived home around 2:00 I think so we had him work on his math and reading until it was time to head over to our neighbors, the Gendes, house. I had something to pick up and we always try to stop in and let the boys play for a little while when we can.

We came back and got Tom in time to head back to our friends the Walkers in Ottawa. They invited us over for dinner along with Mindie's parents Tom and Patty Hopkins. We all used to attend Grace Baptist Church. Aaron and Mindie have five kids and Jonathan falls about second in line age wise so he had fun playing with all of them. While the kids played, the grown ups visited and caught up. Tom and Patty had gone on a missions trip to South Africa so Patty brought her scrapbook and items from their trip to show us. That was fun. The three of us used to get together to scrapbook whenever we could so seeing each others pictures is a treat.

Tom needed to get new ear phones for his phone so we made a stop at Walmart before coming home. A fun day.

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