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Checking out the Pinewood Derby set-up at the Boy Scout Museum.

Jonathan gets two cars ready to race.

An old Scout uniform and new Scout uniform. Jonathan is looking for...

The Lone Scout display is in this room.

Leo, Jonathan and Savanna build a tower with K'nex.

Jonathan and Leo.

Silly faces!

Jonathan, Tyler and Colin watch a movie together at Ryan's house.

Buddies! They had a lot of fun together.

Carrie and Jamie.

The whole Ryan familiy. Carrie, Tyler, Jamie and Colin.

A couple last pictures before we leave.

Silly shot!

Friday, October 16, 2009.

Illini State Park, Marseilles, Illinois.

Bartelmeys and Ryans

Jonathan got up this morning, had breakfast then got busy on his math. We went to the Boy Scout Museum and found out that Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting in the United States, actually lived in Ottawa for over twenty years of his life. That was pretty cool. Jonathan had the chance to see an old Pinewood Derby track along with many other items from Boy Scout History. There was a whole section of the museum dedicated to Lone Scouting too so it was neat to go through that as well.

When we were finished at the Scouting museum we drove on out to Bartelmeys to spend the afternoon visiting. Jonathan and Leo wanted to spend as much time together as possible. They had a lot of fun. Sheryl and I had a nice visit too. We talked a lot about homeschool stuff and shared information and ideas. When it was time to go we thought we had everything but we got a couple miles down the road and my phone rang. It was Leo calling letting us know Jonathan's Webkins were still at the house so we turned around and went back to get them. Good thing he called!

We swung by the park to get Tom then headed to Ryan's house shortly after that. Jamie and Carrie hadn't told the boys we were coming just that there would be a surprise so when they saw Jonathan at the door they were really excited. Tyler was really cute, he came busting out the door and gave Jonathan the biggest hug! Colin was all smiles too of course. I don't think I've ever seen a kid smile as much as he does. Anyway, we all visited over dinner and while the boys played and watched a movie later we sat at the table and talked about everything under the sun. They told us about what their last year had been like. We shared our trip with them. Tom and Jamie talked about sound and music some while Carrie and I talked about mom stuff. We had a nice evening, got some fun pictures and the boys will see each other again Sunday morning so that will be nice.

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