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Mom gave Jonathan a card with some money in it for Halloween....

Reading grandma's card.

Thanks Grandma!


Hugs for Grandma.

A nice picture of Jonathan and Mom.

We went to the McCorkles for the evening. Mona, Jimmy and Nolan...

All the kids together. Addie, Katie, Nolan and Jonathan.

A goofy shot. Even Jimmy got in on this one!

Saturday, October 17, 2009.

Illini State Park, Marseilles, Illinois

Mom's and McCorkle's

Tom set his alarm but it didn't go off when it was supposed to this morning so we ended up getting up a little later than we meant to. We still made it to mom's house around 10:30 so that was good. Once we arrived, it seemed like we had been there yesterday but it had really been about a year ago. It was good to see her. We gave each other big hugs and visited for a while.

Donna and Chris were going to come over later so we got busy getting the couple things we needed to do done so they were out of the way. Tom started the laundry and I ran took the items we brought to store at mom's upstairs.

We spent time visiting over lunch then Donna and Chris arrived so while they were eating we sat and visited some more. Mom baked her famous chocolate chip cookies so everybody was happy about that. Jonathan even got to have an extra one since he was at grandma's house. She gave him a Halloween card today too. I think grandma must love him or something. Lucky boy!

We had to head back to Ottawa around 4:30 because we were invited to Jimmy and Mona's house for dinner at 6:00. Tom and Jimmy got together earlier in the week but I hadn't seen either of them yet so I was looking forward to getting together.

The kids played for a while before dinner while we visited then we all sat down together and ate. We played a game of Skip-Bo afterwards then showed them our little bag with odds and ends from Alaska in it. Tom had to work tonight so it was time to head out. We'll see them tomorrow at church so it wasn't as hard to say good-bye tonight as it might have been if we knew we wouldn't see them again for a long time. Tomorrow we'll attend church at The Rock for their Fifth Anniversary, see the new building they're moving into then hit the road for Batesville. We should get on the road sometime around 1:00 so that would put us down there around 7:00 Batesville time.

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