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The morning sun on the campground.

The sun hitting the leaves makes them really colorful.

Jonathan was moving the turkeys from one freezer to another.

Putting the turkeys in the other freezer. They kept him pretty busy!...

Jonathan stands by the station where he worked at the Food Pantry.

The whole freezer was full by the time he was finished. I...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009.

Indian Lakes Thousand Trails, Batesville, Indiana.

Working at the Food Pantry

We did our school and work routine this morning then at 1:00 PM drove over to the Food Pantry in town to serve. Jonathan needed to do a family service project to finish a requirement for his Citizen Pin for Webelos so this was what we had picked out. They seemed happy to see us and put us right to work.

They had us breaking down boxes, taking out the garbage, and at one point sent us out to find the location where the boxes were to be recycled. I thought that was kind of funny since we didn't live in Batesville anyway but we drove over to the Catholic School and parked. We walked inside and asked the secretary and she didn't know either so that made me feel better. When we got back, they put Jonathan to work emptying out the sausage from the freezer then loading it back up with the turkeys I imagine they will be giving to people for Thanksgiving. He did a great job. He passed food out all by himself and just did whatever needed to be done. He completed the requirement for his Citizen Pin so the woman in charge signed off on that for him. He said he would like to come back again next week because he really had fun so we'll see how next week goes.

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