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Well, my time in New York is finished - I don't think I've ever seen so much in such a short time - or walked so much! It was quite hot and humid the last few days I was there which made walking around all day a bit uncomfortable - I kept having to stop and buy Mcdonalds milkshakes :)

On Monday I caught the subway to Brooklyn Bridge and from there walked to the site of the World Trade Centre. It was basically just a big empty space with high fences around it and some construction work going on. There were lots of signs up telling the story of what had happened - I found it all a bit sad so I didn't stay for long. I headed to the Museum of Native American art next - there were some really great displays of basket weaving and beaded clothing - kept me amused for a few hours :) After the museum I decided to catch the free ferry to Staten Island as I'd heard it went past the Statue of Liberty - it did but not close enough for my liking so I decided to catch the proper ferry the next day.

So Tuesday turned out to be a very busy day! I caught the ferry to Liberty Island and wandered around there taking lots of photos of the statue from various angles - have managed to delete most of them and now only have about 6 photos of it:) After that I caught the ferry to Ellis Island. Ellis Island was used as the immigration station in the early 1900's - so basically anyone entering the US through New York has to go through it. There were lots of interesting displays and places where you could here people telling there stories - it was a great place to visit. After Ellis Island I headed back to Times Square and as I was walking through I saw the Naked Cowboy - this guy who spends all his time in Times Square playing guitar for people - he only wears underpants, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat - he's apparently been on lots of tv shows over here and is quite well known (even if he is nuts!!). On Tuesday evening I went to Museum Mile -most of the big musuems are located on Fifth ave near Central park - and one evening a year they block off the street and open the museums for free - I was lucky to be in town at the right time. There were lots of cool street performers and street artists to watch as I wandered along. I only went into 1 museum - the Guggenheim - but it was impressive. By this stage though I'd been walking around the city for 11 hours so I was really tired and decided to go home instead of lining up for another museum.

On Wednesday my main activity was going to the Empire state building - the view from the top was pretty good though it was really hazy so I could only see about half a mile away - I couldn't even see as far as Central Park - on a clear day it would be spectacular though.

So, that was the end of my time in USA - a place where the Atkins diet rules supreme - (you can buy low carb food in every restaurant and fast food place around) and where everyone I spoke to hates Bush (which really is the opposite of what I expected!). Can't say I'll be sorry to leave though - it's a very expensive place to travel in and has just eaten through my money. I think overall my favourite place was Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon :)

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