UK and Morocco - February 2010 travel blog

Stormy Freeport

My new "Little One"

For a variety of reasons, I did no travelling last year, except for a trip to UK in March for dad's 90th birthday. After ten years of annual "Round the World" trips, plus other shorter trips in between, that's serious withdrawal. I leave tomorrow for England, from where I go to Morocco, a little later in the month, for a two-week tour.

I'm excited about the trip but at the same time I'm very apprehensive about the new airline restrictions. The one carry-on bag rule makes it very difficult to carry camera equipment and my laptop plus I need cold weather clothes for England, all different kinds of weather clothes for Morocco plus a sleeping bag for the one night desert camp. I guess I'll work it out some way.

I am actually leaving cool, stormy weather in Freeport just now, but I know it's nothing like what will be waiting for me in UK

Just to add an extra complication to the planning I need to do so that everything ticks over properly while I'm away, I recently acquired a new puppy. I found Siyah in the bush, close to death, in the area where I walk Tansu and Chiller each day, and started to take food to her. When she found her way, about a week later, to the house, I took her to the Humane Society and told them that I couldn't take another dog and asked them to find her a good home. Five minutes after arriving home, the director phoned to say that she practically had a mutiny on her hands when the staff realised that a sickly, mangy puppy was about to be taken in and treated when 24 healthy older puppies were about to be put down because they had too many dogs at that time and no hope of finding homes for them.

The bottom line was, if I didn't agree to take her she would be put down that same day. What could I do? They treated her for me for two weeks and I brought her home about ten days ago. It is so heart-warming to see her running and playing like happy healthy puppies do and I stop to remember what she was like just one short month ago. As you can see, in the picture, she has hair (which she didn't have before} and she has filled out a lot. She was just skin and bone before.

So now I have my journal set up, I might make another entry while I'm travelling, but it will be kept to a minimum until Feb 14th when I leave for Morocco. As excited as I am about the long overdue visit with my family in England, I realise that it doesn't make gripping reading for you guys out there. However, I'm sure you will indulge me and let me show you a few current pics of my beautiful grandsons.

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