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Micah goes up the climbing wall at the YMCA.

Jonathan takes a turn at the wall too.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010.

Mike and Mary's House

Freeburg, Illinois

We are currently camped at some friends home in Freeburg, Illinois. Freeburg is just a little southeast of St. Louis on the Illinois side. We met Mike and Mary while we were in Homer, Alaska last summer. They were taking a trip to celebrate Mike's retirement and had started from the St. Louis area and worked their way south through Oklahoma, where Mary is from on west then on up to Alaska then back down and around again.

While we were down on the spit in Homer, Alaska, they pulled up next to us one day and parked. They had an Allegro Bus very much like ours so that was one of our first topics of conversation. We shared a campfire and did some sightseeing together not knowing where that would lead but we sure have enjoyed getting to know them. Our paths crossed again in Soldotna and in Seward before we parted ways. Their pace was just a little faster than ours but we kept in touch via email.

We're parked at the back of their workshop where they have hookups and have used the last couple of months to wait. There were a lot of changes taking place at work for Tom so he thought we may end up going to Dubuque but it's not looking like that is what is in store for us right now. We're going to continue to wait and take things one day at a time but in the meantime we've been enjoying being with friends.

Mike and Mary have a daughter and son-in-law, Dani and Brad who have two kids Hannah and Micah. Micah is Jonathan's age and they have become good friends. Dani and I have been going to the YMCA together when our schedules allow and go to lunch now and then if we can. Mary, Dani and I all are enjoying a Bible Study on Tuesday mornings too.

The next couple weekends will be spent visiting friends. Last weekend Jonathan and I drove up to my Mom's house to help celebrate my nephew's birthday with the rest of the family so that was nice too.

We're still doing homeschool with Jonathan. He's finishing up his fifth grade school year this Spring. Right now he's taking care of Mike and Mary's cat Li'l Brother while they are picking up their new RV in Oregon. We can't wait to see it. We're excited for them.

The temperatures here have been unusually cold for this time of year based on what people are telling us. We've gone through the propane pretty quick some weeks but the flowers are starting to poke through the ground so Spring can't be too far away.

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