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Monday, April 26, 2010.

Rustic Barn RV Park, Kieler, Wisconsin.

Tom Starts Driving Back Into Work

I just waved out the front window of the RV to Tom as he headed to work this morning. It's the first time he's driven to work in over nine years. Today is a big change for our family.

Jonathan and I took the Yukon to the shop then ran a few errands in Platteville. I decided to take him out for lunch just to make it a fun day for the two of us. Something special. He opted to go to Pizza Hut. We got to talking about how there were a few places in this area to ski and that Wisconsin probably got enough snow but Jonathan didn't seem too excited. I was surprised because he loved skiing when we were out in Yosemite. The waitress gave us the name of a few places in the area although we have several months before we have to worry about skiing.

The rest of the afternoon was focused on schooling. It's 5:25 now and Jonathan's just finishing up. Tom should be home anytime now. We're planning on grilling out and fixing a special dinner for him for his first day at his new job. Hope he feels like celebrating!

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