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from tuba city, we travelled thru the painted desert where some areas were awesome, some just, well, not so pretty at least not to us... here is day one of our grand canyon trip... now this is a return trip for us and we're sorry to see what time will do to a park that at one time was so remote and not so over used, i would say soon many of our parks may close because on so many of our trips to them, we see few to no americans camping, or visiting them only foreigners who rent campers only to leave and soon IF that ends so goes money to maintain the parks as we know them now... young america are not at all interested or campers... AND to make things even worse most every major park has a fee from $10/30 entrance fee and use to be $10 annual pass is now $80. for non seniors...outrageous for a park we pay dearly in taxes to maintain and another AND every major park is run by private concerns most of foreign nature and most EVERY employee are from foreign countries (NOT mexico) where their governments not only provide for them to get here but also supplement their salaries... oh well! so goes the USA!

our day 35 photos


ron & bebe

on the road again...

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