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Little kitten in the hotel... almost as shy as Timmy from Tárcoles...

Vultures on the roof of my hotel... watching my study!

Hanging out on the beach...

Watching sunset with David and Sofie

...and the semi-final of the Puerto López cup...!





Well, after a full day in the sun, was obviously very tired the next day, and needed a full day to recover. Went to the beach, armed with my Spanish books, but was too tired and windy to study. But the books were useful as my pillow though! But those hours of laziness were much needed, and felt slightly more refreshed afterwards. Whilst Sofie and I were snoozing, however, this random Ecuadorian guy sat down and started talking to us. When we made it obvious, we didn't want to talk to him, he simply laid down with us, and sunbathed alongside us. Really!! Maybe we should have been more blatant!! Anyway, when he finally got the message, and left us, we ran into the nice cool sea and got crashed by waves. Lovely! Just what we needed!

I arrived late to meet Sofie again on the beach for the sunset, as was driven again by my desire to eat instant noodles. Took time searching for it, and wasn't as instant as it sounds to cook. But tasted so goooood!!

That's partly the reason why I stayed in the hotel... so I could go on a diet of instant noodles cooked in the communal kitchen. Before Dad frowns and shakes his head in disbelief, my fellow hotel mates rescued me from this simple diet, and we cooked most nights. I wasn't always good at helping with the preparation, but it was good fun, eating with all the others. The Ecuadorian owners joined us too, so we had to speak some Spanish. Although there were always so many Germans, English wasn't really the main language all the time!

I was due to leave on Saturday to begin my way South to Peru, but was still pretty undecided how to go, and when to go... Am quite disappointed with the South American handbook, by Lonely Planet, as it doesn't give many bus times and not very clear about connections. Five minutes before packing my bag, decided that had such a good night's sleep, and feeling so refreshed, it would be a shame to spend it all on the bus!

Hence, was very good, and stayed in my room and worked through my Spanish book. Not quite, ALL the way through, but enough to feel very happy. Also prepared some flashcards for learning vocabs on the bus... Hah! For two productive days! Wicked!!

It was a bit sad leaving though, as have had a good week in Puerto López, and met some lovely people. Despite the length of time there, actually got to know very little of the place, but at some point, really just needed to drop anchor and chill abit. Hopefully the rest of my trip won't be spent lazing on the beach though! :p

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