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Allegedly the world's first surf board! Now used as fishing boats, woven...

Though once we crossed the border, it felt like our next destination, Trujillo would be a lot closer. Well, only six hours on the bus away! The first direct bus doesn't leave Piura until 11:30am, so we decided to catch the first bus to Chiclayo and change buses from there.

So it meant... getting up and be ready to leave the hotel by 5:30am!!!! Oh man!! But once dressed, I actually felt pretty awake, until shortly before boarding the bus... Was glad to see that it was a nice 6am in the morning bus, with the head rest angled perfectly to support any tired heads. Was conscious of the fact that I was missing out on the landscape of the desert (my first desert!) whizzing by, but my eyes were really, really, not able to keep themselves opened...

Not to worry, as after a spot of breakfast at Chiclayo, and we were yet again on the bus, there were more views of desert to come. The land was pretty flat in general, and the road dead straight, albeit the odd hills here and there... Was appalled to see the amount of litter strewn - on the desert! especially when after commenting that there seemed to be less rubbish in South America than Central. What to do with the rubbish problem?!?!

Fell asleep shortly after gotten out my Spanish verb flashcards, and was sooo tired when we finally pulled into Trujillo! Our journey was not over yet, there was still another 12km to the beach town, where we wanted to chill for the night. On the way, just as I was searching the horizon for sighting of the ocean, and Jason commenting on the amount of trash on the road, the driver proudly pointed out the sandhills which were "Chan Chan" - the attraction to the town. Chan Chan was the ancient capital of the civilisation preceeding even the Incas, and can now be visited as the ruins stretch for miles and miles...

The beach town wasn't as nice as expected. It was rather dead and unfriendly, and had no luck getting a bed at "La Casa Suiza", one of only two places listed in LP. The security there seemed to me so tight, all friendliness was squeezed out of it! But we managed to find a room in the hostel opposite, which housed an internet cafe full of fast computers.

It was only when we set off for a walk along the beach, searching for a veggie resturant, advertised in "La Casa Suiza", that I begun to like the town better. There were more people on the promenade, and even reed knitted paddle boats displayed like surfboards on the sand. There were also lots of resturants, and I thought, maybe I could stay for another night here...

The veggie place only seemed to be opened for weekends (?!) and the place we finally chose seemed promising at first, as we sipped from the bottle of "Pilsener Trujillo". But I learnt that the (seatless) toilets in Peru have a strange prominence which include steps leading up or down to it, and that "vegetables cooked in Peruvian style" means half cooked salad (which I had already tried a couple of times in Ecuador).

Despite everything, and Avril was not a happy bunny at the two bad meals she had got today, but I feel that I DO like Peru!

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