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The couple of hours visiting the ruins was hungry work. Everyone agreed that it was time for a spot of lunch, and we made a few fruitless attempts at finding somewhere nice to eat - first at the very posh Chelsea Resturant and Pub, then the non-existant Restaurant Vegetariano Vida Sana, before settling into the Italian Resturant Romano. Well, they certainly provide the longest menu ever! The waiter was ready to take our orders shortly before I even got to the end of the menu! Anyway, it provided the happy scene for a couple of hours, as everyone's stomaches were finally satisfied.

Especially after a couple of days' of bad food for Avril, she desperately longed for some home comforts, and we went to the cinema. Camp was divided between watching the premier of "Star War", the "Crusade" and "Eternal Love", and we ended up watching them in pairs seperately. Saw "Eternal Love" with Avril, as it's by the same director as Amelie, and would be fun to watch a French movie with Spanish sub-titles to really make me work hard! Have to say, didn't manage to follow the whole film through, but then it is that type of film...

At the end of the movie, I realised I had done something terrible. I had lazily not taken my bag, but decided it was time for 1981 to finally do some sightseeing (and he had a lot of fun, even spotting some ducks in the "well" of Chan Chan). He was slipping in and out of my pocket all day, and as we were waiting outside the cinema for the others to finish as well, I realised I had lost him!! I was pretty upset!! Made three trips back into the cinema, looking under the seats, checking the floor, before having enough courage to ask the sentry person if she had seen my little plastic duck. She seemed to understand what I meant, and I was overjoyed to see 1981 again, though I had clumsily left him on the chair before going into the screen...

1981 is my travelling buddy, by the way, for those of you who don't know him.

Also, I have forgotten about 1981's birthday earlier this month (3 May). A very happy belated birthday my dear duck! Congratulations on reaching 1 year old!! And only almost lost once...! :)

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