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Weebles and dad going golfing in Mercer, Wi

Weebles resting up for the long trip

Well, we're getting fairly close after months of prodding Bob! Some days I feel like a cattlewoman... The main holdup has been our water heater. For those of you who haven't heard me ranting about this for the past 6 weeks, the element went bad and the water started smelling like rotten onions after our trip to Wisconsin in August. Bob tried to get the element out but it was pretty well frozen in there (after 14 years). After many tries (finally taking it out by cutting water/electric/gas connections) and pounding with some big tools and a lot of cussing, he took it to the neighbor who got it off with his BIGGER TOOL. But then from all the pounding it had some leaks, so he took it to a welder (3 times) and ended up putting some epoxy on it because it still had a tiny leak. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY when he's going to put it back in once he air pressure tests it again. Meanwhile, we never got the roof fixed so we are having a friend put small metal shingles on the roof to prevent leaks over the winter. Only bought 100, but then found we needed 300 so got the last 100 they had locally, and another 100 in Dubuque, so we'll have to coerce our friend to get back up on the roof this weekend. We did finally get the shocks put on (that we've had waiting in the living room for a year), the oil changed and the eavespouts cleaned out. Once we get the water heater in and working we can shampoo the carpet and start loading up. If all goes well we'll get out of here early next week. It's going to have to be a sunny (not too windy) day when we leave so we don't have to pull over until we get to Terrible's Casino in Osceola.

We plan to head south to Texas, stopping again at Midland and then down to Del Rio (Amistad Lake) where we were 2 years ago and hopefully see some old friends there. Then we'll head west, stopping to see our land in New Mexico, over to Quartzsite for a few weeks, then over to the Slabs in SE California for a couple months. Then up to Death Valley and on up to Washington State to visit Bob's family in Forks, Sequim and Spokane Valley. We (well, Bob...) have purchased a gold claim in N. Idaho in a national forest, so we'll spend 2-3 weeks there panning for gold and go to Bob's granddaughter's college graduation before we head back home. (That's the S/W/N/E)...as usual I'm still going in circles!

PS - I'll have to find my camera so I can take some more pictures!

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