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Kasey's HalloweenTrip

Bob's gold pan, ready to go

Starting to clean

Almost done vacuuming

Bob finishing up water heater from inside

Not getting too far. Spent hours in town this morning trying to get a duplicate truck title, buying last minute items at Walmart for all the stuff we can't find, vacuumed up trillions of those little orange bugs - BUT WE HAVE HOT WATER !!! Bob went to get some boards to finish up under the bathroom sink and then we can start shampooing. Why do I feel like it won't get done today as it's 2:30 already. We have to take the RV in to town tomorrow to get some work done and fill up with gas and LP, so I'll go to work for an hour or so to finish up some stuff. Looking like it'll be Friday before we actually get out of town. Saw a picture of my great grandson Kasey on facebook this morning, sitting in a hospital bed with a broken arm, and it looked like his face was all black and blue (but thankfully it was just Halloween makeup). Guess he fell in the haunted house and broke his elbow, but he was smiling. Poor Weebles is getting worn out following us in and out to the RV - he's making sure he doesn't get left!

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